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    Hey. I'm jen.. The creator of the most wonderful No Doubt page in the universe. It's wonderful that you have happened to stumble upon the hidden link to this page. If you do not wish to know who I am, then please push the "back" button.

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I have 2 parents and 3 pets: a cat Patches, a bird Bobo, and a sister Sarah. I also have a huge extended family, which I will not name for fear that I will forget someone....I'm sure that's more than you wanted to know. That's what I get for using Quickpage and set topics....


I have several friends on the web, you can visit their pages below.


I'm an Internet junkie and I need help. But besides that, I dance, model, sing, write, draw, paint, listen to music, and try to keep my 4.0 all at once.
Although this doesn't really fall under hobbies, I enjoy chemistry, and plan on being a chemist or geneticist, if I rule out being a starving artist in Anaheim.