What an awesome performance! That's all that can really be said for No Doubt's performance at MTV's New Year's party. Because I am trying to get a run down up quickly, here is an informal review of what went down at MTV. Video stills to follow. If anyone wants a bootleg of the performance, I'm willing to trade. I didn't get but one interview on tape, but I have both performances.

No Doubt's first interview came after 9:00 EST. The highlight of this interview was Adrian asking Carson Daly to tell the Goo Goo Dolls to shut up. They had started to warm up during their interview. No Doubt was called back several times to discuss the night's events and their upcoming album and tour. The band had the honor of playing after the ball dropped, and being the only band to do so. Just after midnight EST, a familiar, but very un-No Doubt chord was played by Tom. They covered REM's "It's the End of the World" ...very fitting for all of the Y2K buzz. Gwen was using cue cards, and did an awesome job for performing such a difficult and unfamiliar song. Tom sang background vocals with Gabe and Steve-- my guess is that he was helping Gwen out because he knows the song. Directly after, they played "Ex Girlfriend," a song which is to be on their new album, The Return of Saturn. Adrian and Gwen confirmed the April 11 release and reported that there would be a tour to coincide with the release. An hour later, just shortly before the close of the show, No Doubt played "Spiderwebs." The song that has always been used as the encore at their shows became a sign that No Doubt had returned. So, Christina Aguilera loves Gwen's hot pink hair and has aspirations of becoming a rock star, Gavin (who seemed to be extremely friendly with a couple of other girls) declared that at midnight he was going to make out with his girlfriend, and Carson Daly really loves No Doubt. Oh yeah, welcome to the year 2000!

No Doubt's "New" was #82 on TRL's Top 99 of 99 countdown.