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These reviews are from Teresa. The pictures of her, her friends, and No Doubt were taken by Teresa and are her property. Please send mail to for inquiries about this story or its pictures. The following is not the property of, nor has been edited by, Sunpist Groves.

April 5, 2000
The 9:30 Club, Washington D.C.

The Suicide Machines


I'm finally sitting down to write this extraordinary tale of 2 No Doubt fans who wouldn't let anyone stop them from meeting "The Best Band This Side of Saturn!" I'll try to remember every single detail because I want to remember every moment of it, the good and the bad, and so many wonderful No Doubters have asked to read my review. I'm writing this at 4:47 am on Friday April 7, 2000 (exactly 3 years since I met Bush!!). I just got home from the 3rd concert in 3 days. Wednesday April 5th I saw No Doubt in Washington D.C. Thursday April 6th I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers (btw April 6th is the 4 year anniversary of the very first time I saw No Doubt in concert, with Bush! and the day I became a certified No Doubt fanatic) and Friday April 7 I saw Britney Spears. Yes I love all types of music which you can tell by those concerts I've mentioned. Though I've been to a ton of shows since that first one back in '96 when I was "only sixteen!", none will compare to my 3rd No Doubt concert experience. Sit back, relax, and enjoy vicariously living through this amazing experience.

Note of importance: When reading this, you need to know that I had my framed picture of Gwen that I drew and another picture I made that is like a 3D tribute to the band. The background is a picture of stars (realistic looking sky) with one of my favourite group pictures where they’re all hugging, it’s pretty new, Gwen has pink hair in it. Above them I had the new No Doubt Return of Saturn logo and beside that I had a 3D Saturn that is the exact same as the Saturn from a plug in light that I gave them. The Saturn is blue and glittery with a green ring around it. It’s made of plastic and it looked really cool. Under the band I had printed out “The Best Band This Side of Saturn”. The picture had glitter and tiny star stickers around it and was in a thick black frame.

My sister and I left here at about 11am and arrived in Washington D.C. at about 3:30-4pm. We found the club very easily but were a little less than thrilled with the atmosphere. You don’t see much graffiti in southwest Virginia. We got to the club and sat down outside with about 10 other fans. Across the street from the club was a purple tour bus and in the alley beside the club was another bus, I think black and silver. After we sat there for a little while and made a few new friends, we went to the alley where there was a 9:30 club “guard” who really got on my nerves. They think they rule the world or something, they don’t even have the power to meet the band themselves, much less get me backstage, and I wasn’t about to kiss up to some jerk who was being really rude to me and all of the other ND fans! So anyway, the good part about standing over there, not only seeing the bus, but we got to listen to some of No Doubt’s soundcheck!!! The door was open halfway and we heard them warming up. I heard some of Excuse Me Mr., Happy Now, Doormat, and a few of the new ones which I wasn’t that familiar with at the time to recognize them because it wasn’t that loud, one of the doors inside was shut but the outside door was open. We waited and talked to some ND fan friends we met who also had a pretty long drive like we did. While listening to soundcheck, the sublime sound (no pun intended) of No Doubt was briefly interrupted by a local who began harrassing our little group. As he walked by we heard him yelling loudly “Go home where you belong you **BLEEP** Virginians!!!” We felt so welcome! Shortly after that crazy incident we saw Stephen come out to the bus and get something. He looked over and waved to us but had to go back in and didn’t come over or sign autographs. After that, Gabe came out to the bus too and he was really cool and said hi and stuff and waved and one of my new friends showed him her sign that she made. It was a 2 part poster that said “Will sing for .. Backstage Passes!” and he laughed and liked it. We stood around for a while longer until right before 7:00pm. The line was getting pretty long behind us and the friends we were standing with headed up front where one of their dads had been saving their spot. Where we were standing, we were in the alleyway a bit and the line continued behind us and the people behind us assumed, as we did, that we were also in line. A fan came up to us and asked why we were standing there and wanted to know if the band had come out and I told him that we were just waiting in case and that we were in line. The “guard” said “not necessarily!” and suddenly decided that we weren’t in line and was telling us that we had to go to the very back even though we had been there for 2 1/2 hours. (It meant nothing to us where we would be standing inside the club, we just wanted to see and hear our favourite band and we weren’t about to let that loser ruin our night.)

There was a nicer “guard” that came up and took the place of loser #1 while he went on break and we talked to him and asked if there was any way that we could get all of our gifts to the band so they wouldn’t be destroyed in the crowd. He told us to go to the front of the club and “talk to the guy will all the stuff on his face.” Since we knew we no longer had a good spot in line, we decided to just hang around back some more until it was about time for the doors to open and 2 of the fans we had met earlier came up to us and said that we could stand there with them because they were at the front of the line. :) We THANKED them!! and then walked up front with them and saw “the guy with all the stuff on his face” and decided to give it a shot. He was putting up signs and posters saying “ID required”, “NO illegal drugs”, “No video/audio equipment” (even though the club normally allows cameras) so about 5 of us went up to him. He was about 6’5” 350 pounds, a shaved head, several tattoos on his face and arms and a spike through his nose, not to mention the ‘10 pound earrings’, and no personality (very unapproachable). I went up to him and he turned and looked at me like I was supposed to be afraid and be too intimidated to ask him anything. Instead, I was pretty amused. I explained the situation and that I had been referred to speak with him. He kind of snorted and said “We don’t do backstage passes..... I can get it to the manager for you” but all the while I was thinking “You’ve got to be kidding, I wouldn’t trust you with a used tissue. lol” He gave another annoyed glare and I thought, “Yeah and thank you too!.. Moron!” We turned around and went back to the line and laughed then started a conversation about how crazy it was to get tickets when they sold out for that show in 6 minutes. Knowing that scalpers who were lurking in the alleys were disappointed that e-bay had already come through for us. By the way, while we were standing in line, there was a local cop on the scene arresting them. We felt like we were on “cops”. (ND fans ::sings theme song:: bad boys bad boys.. whatcha gonna do... *fades out*).

Just before the doors opened, there was an announcement that if you came in with a camera that it would be taken, smashed, and the film destroyed. If you did hand over the goods, it would be returned to you after the show. When you entered you either show your ID or both of your hands were stamped with 9:30 Club logos and your camera was thrown into a big box after they wrote all over them with a black marker. We then walked to the front of the club with our new friends who let us stand with them in the 2nd row center. Looking down at our two large sharp frames and our “Gwen goody bag” we knew it would be a problem. My sister spotted the nice “guard” to the right of the stage and I stayed and saved our spot while she went and asked him once again if there was ANY possible way to get the gifts to the band before the show. He said to try one more time talking to “the guy with all the stuff on his face” who was up on the balcony on a stool. We didn’t really care where we’d be standing during the show so we took another try. We found our way upstairs through a thick cloud of smoke. We spotted “’Goliath’ the menacing brute” .. he saw us out of the corner of his eye but refused to look straight at us. Without saying a word, he pointed towards “coat check” and we became very frustrated with this whole scene. What a contrast, a great band and a heartless non No Doubt friendly staff. After I was BEYOND the point of frustration, I slammed my gifts down and sat on the steps and started crying. (when I’m mad, I cry.. REAL mad) We were still in shock that everyone was so clueless and unwilling to help us out. My sister, who would not give up, peaked behind the curtain backstage and just then, Stephen came by and she grabbed his arm and was on the verge of hyperventalating. He mouthed “just a minute” and pointed behind him. As he continued walking by my sister saw Tony and freaked out! She yelled “TONY!!” and I ran over. Right after that, a man came out who was wearing glasses, a baseball cap, and a mustache. He asked “What’s going on out here?!?” In all of our excitement, we both started talking at once trying to explain all that had happened earlier and that if we could just get our gifts to the band, it would only take a second and we’d be out of the way. We explained to him how much time we had put into the presents and just wanted to make sure that they received them undamaged. As we pleaded our case, he interrupted saying “Tell me, do you want your **** smashed or do you want to get it to them?!?” We explained that YES we DID want to get it to them. He kept talking over us and seemed to not be listening. We were already so frustrated with everything that had happened before that we thought he was just another rude staff member who couldn’t help us in any way. I really wasn’t up to hearing the whole speach about how they “don’t do backstage passes” and they could “only get it to the manager but you can’t meet them”. I told my sister to come on and to give up and began pulling on her arm but she wasn’t budging and was yelling “No!!..wait” and the guy grabbed my arm and was saying “Wait you’re not listening” (remember I was very mad and upset at this point/not my usual self) I told him that “No, You’re not listening.. I’m not taking any more of this” and began to walk away He said “Alright, go on then... No! go on!” and stuck his hand in my face so I left with my Gwen drawing. I went to the other side of the club and could not believe that I came all this way and waited so long and it didn’t seem like anything was going my way. I stood there for about 10 minutes and saw my sister who continued to plead with the man and then she came back over and found me. At first I thought he had said something really rude to her because she was in tears but she took me aside and whispered “He gave me.. a ... backstage pass!!!!” I had so many different feelings, and was in shock so I wasn’t able to rejoice like I had always dreamed I would if that moment ever came. She told me that she explained to him that I had just been excited and frustrated with the 9:30 Club staff and that I didn’t really mean what I had said and the way I had acted before. He seemed to understand and said that he’d give me a pass too if I came back and apologized. We went back over and there were a few other people standing by the curtain. He looked at us and said “It’s going to have to wait just a minute” and went backstage. We waited and he came back out. I told him what all had happened with the other staff members and he said “Don’t assume we’re all like that.. It doesn’t matter what they said, I’m the keeper of the backstage pass.” If you don’t know by now.. we had just met No Doubt’s manager!!! We were SOOO HAPPY!!! and we thanked him again and again! He explained us that when the concert was over that the staff would tell everyone to leave the club but we were to put our passes which were stickers on our shirts and meet with the others. He told us to keep them in our pockets, out of sight until then. We thanked him again and he said he’d keep our gifts backstage and bring them out for the meet and greet. We were extremely grateful and relieved at the same time. Feeling so much better, we went back downstairs and looked at the tour merchandise. There we found another really pleasant employee (sarcasm). We chose the “NEW” shirt, a new navy blue Return of Saturn shirt with tourdates on the back, and an X-Girl ‘girlee tee’. When we added to that, 2 sticker packs, the employee became confused and angry because he had to retotal the price. It was extremely loud and we couldn’t really hear the price he said it was. When we asked him to repeat it he became hostile and lashed out at my sister as he screamed “$64.00!!!!!!!!!!!” at the top of his smoke filled lungs. I was a little offended and chimed in... “Well this isn’t the shirt we wanted anyway... we wanted the X-Girl T-shirt.. SMALL” He tried to cover his mistake and got the correct shirt. On our way back we had to go around a corner through a little hallway and after I got out of the crowded area I noticed that the X-Girl shirt was no longer on my arm. (If the person who stole it is reading this, remember.. “what goes around comes around”) I had a jacket on that was made out of slick material and someone must have pulled it off of my arm when I was in the crowd. I was very angry and sad but still looking forward to the show and it didn’t phase me. We planted ourselves on the balcony in a spot which ended up being on Gwen’s left, an obstructed view of Tony thanks to a non No Doubter in his middle 40’s who refused to let fans in front of him because he had a staring problem when it came to Gwen.

At 8:45 the Suicide Machines took the stage. As they played, we noticed that there were a few people on the private balcony to (Tom’s right) above the stage. The band played a few songs and encouraged the crowd to boo them if they liked what they heard. During their set, we saw Adrian on the private balcony watching the show. He was bent down looking through the bars so that not many fans would notice him and interrupt the Suicide Machine’s performance. By the end of their set there was a roar of booing and everyone seemed to have enjoyed ND’s opening act.

As the stage was being prepared for No Doubt’s performance, the crowd grew anxious and it seemed like forever before they came on. The lights went back out and the crowd flipped out!! I won’t go into great detail about their individual outfits because most of the other reviews already covered that in detail... Two of the more noticeable differences in their attire; Gwen took the stage wearing a tiara and Adrian was sporting red plaid boxers. As Gwen started into “NEW” you could hardly hear the verse over the screaming fans. This was both a crowd favourite and the lyrics were truly appropriate for the whole experience. “Don’t let it go away.. this feeling has got to stay. And I can’t believe I’ve had this chance now.. Don’t let it go away”

After Gwen greeted the fans you could hear the familiar bass and drums that kick off Sunday Morning. To hear New followed by Sunday Morning which happen to be my very favourite two No Doubt songs, it was an indescribable feeling. Gwen then inroduced a friend and had the crowd join her and the band in “Happy Birthday” to Matt and congratulating him in the birth of his new baby. She then mentioned that No Doubt’s “baby” would be having a birthday next Tuesday, April 11th. That the next song was called “Bathwater” and would be on the “Return of Saturn” cd. Myself and the crowd really enjoyed that song, which was very catchy. It’s definitely going to be a hit! After that, the band began playing a revised version of a Tragic Kingdom favourite, Different People. Gwen had everyone in the club jumping around and really into the song. I was thrilled that they played this one.. it’s one of their best live. Early in the performance, one of No Doubt’s stage crew, a large man, wearing only a thong and carrying a pink thong which he placed around Gwen’s neck, received much response from the audience. Magic’s in the Makeup was another that we had never heard before and a little more mellow than the others but 100% No Doubt material. The quiet crowd went absolutely wild when Gwen turned her back to the audience and put her hot pink locks up in a ponytail as she looked over her shoulder and Tom began the famous chords that define “Just a Girl”. During this number, Gwen made reference to the area as she sang “I’m just a girl in Washington” as the crowd echoed her. Even more than ever before, we were so into this No Doubt anthem because it gave us a release. As we were jumping around singing/screaming along with Gwen, it was sort of our way of saying “in your face” to the “guards” who had been so rude to us before and treating us like were were stupid helpless little girls who need their permission in all that we do. It was one of the many highlights of the night. On a sad note, Gwen entered into the next song, Marry Me, which verses reflect her longing to be married and start a family. It was a very beautiful song and we’re thankful and appreciative that she’s that open and honest with her fans. Gwen then noticed the friends we had made earlier who were in the front row holding up their sign. She picked it up and showed the audience and read “Will sing for backstage passes”. She smiled and the audience cheered as she began singing “Happy Now.” After that song was over she asked “Are there any No Doubter’s here?” She then mentioned that the next song was from their 1987 debut.. and began “Total Hate.” Several guys in the audience seemed to suffer what the next song described as a “Staring Problem.” Unappreciative of Gwen’s talent, vocals, and writing skills, they leaned over the balcony gawking just as she described. She said that the band had written that one together late one night. The words were easy to catch onto and everyone there was singing by the end of the song. “Don’t Speak” was the next song in the performance. Many fans held up their lighters and a few had green glow sticks that they held up as we had our own pink ones in honor of Gwen’s new fashion theme. Gwen seemed really into the song and enjoyed singing it again live after the long break from touring. The crowd sang along loudly and it was one of those moments where it’s captured in time and something you’ll never forget, that one moment and the feeling of happiness and excitement. One of my new favourites was next. A lot of the fans seemed to be able to relate to this song, “Ex-Girlfriend.” If you can believe it, the song sounded better live than the radio/cd version. On the private balcony stood a woman, 2 teenagers, and a little girl. At the end of the song, Gwen walked over and climbed up on the speakers saying that one of her friends from high school was there that night and introduced her. She recalled how they both used to dream of marrying members of Madness and The Vandals when they were in high school but that’s not the way it turned out. She introduced the girl as her friend’s daughter Chase who was celebrating a birthday. Gwen asked her how old she was and she said “five”. Everyone awwed and Gwen smiled and asked us to help her sing Happy Birthday. After that Gwen started into Excuse Me Mr. She leaned to her right and touched the hands of a few fans leaning over the balcony rail. When she got to the chorus she asked us to help her sing the lyrics. Not as loud as she had expected us to be, she said “Very Interesting” as she looked around at all of us. She said something about taking a break that I couldn’t hear well because of the screaming. She gave us another try and the second time around everyone was much louder. She repeated the lyrics “Excuuuuuse Me.. Excuse Me Mr.” After the end of the song and a huge round of applause and screams, they thanked us for coming and left the stage. Shorlty after their exit, as the club remained dark, we all began chanting “No Doubt! No Doubt!.” After about 5 minutes they returned to the stage with the newest single to be released “Simple Kind of Life”. Gwen mentioned how it had begun airplay on some radio stations and that it would soon be on MTV and TRL and for us to request it. This is also a new favourite and one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time. The honesty in this one is unbelievable. There was a sad tone in her voice as she sang. For the finale, the band delivered one of their best known hits, “Spiderwebs.” Earlier in the show, as the crowd went crazy, the band tried to figure out which person in the crowd had sent up a card and a plaque that noted what a positive influence that No Doubt had on their life. The band was truly appreciative and very touched. They seemed to want to thank this person face to face but couldn’t find them right then. At the conclusion of “Spiderwebs” the band all came to the front of the stage and joined arms as they took a bow. What a totally incredible moment! I was screaming so loud I couldn’t hear! This was one of the best moments of my entire life. Time seemed to stand still. I continued to cheer as the lights came up and people began filing out. I checked for my pass again to make sure it was still there. I had checked my pocket many times during the show between songs to make sure this was real and no one had decided to take it from me.

The crowd slowly made its way to the entrance and on the steps we met two more ecstatic fans. They each had their passes out as we put ours on our shirts being careful to keep a hand close to them. The two girls asked us how we had gotten our passes and explained that they had met Stephen and had their shirts they had worn under their concert shirts signed by the band and showed us the signatures. We were in awe! “That is SOOO awesome.” ND fans are so friendly and happy for each other. It just seemed to be the vibe of the band in the air. As we four went to retrieve our cameras from the what seemed like a bottomless box, we saw another fan with blue braids waiting also for a chance to meet ND. Thankfully our two disposable Kodaks emerged covered with the black markings of our names (Big sigh of relief). Yet our two friends’ camera had been lost, which didn’t seem to phase the female 9:30, as always WAY friendly, staff person. It ended up being a polaroid instant which would have allowed the fans to have a picture of the best life experience ever signed right then! Clueless camera-keeper continued to pass out the remaining cameras with all the life of a rock. Having two disposables we let the girls have one of them to use thinking if this were happening to me a camera would be the ABSOLUTE must and some jerk had lost it! They were psyched and we decided to E-mail each other the photos and hugged in a big circle squealing and jumping. We headed upstairs to wait in line where we had seen a few of the other fans gather. The same spot where Goliath once lingered. At the top of the stairs, we were told in no uncertain terms that if the pass “WAS NOT ON YOUR PERSON”, you were pretty much outta luck, so PUT IT ON YOUR SHIRT,NOW!” The staff member with the mongo tonsils pointed to me saying, “LIKE THAT”. Then since I had the pass on correctly he decided to tick me off in another way, CREEP. “What’s that?!”, “You can’t have a camera!” Before I could say much but, “The manager said we could...”, he was saying, “Are you arguing with me?! YOU’RE GOING TO HAFTA LEAVE NOW! GET DOWNSTAIRS!” I said, “YEAH I’M GOING TO ARGUE WITH YOU!” “We have BACKSTAGE PASSES,and he said we could have the cameras”. He then proceeded to continue yelling and PUSHING on me trying to turn us around to head downstairs, all the time thinking the black T-shirt he wore gave him permission for assault and battery! “DON’T TOUCH ME!” I yelled and jerked away. What a harrassing loser! Where do they get these pions? The other fans immediately started to take up for me also yelling (we all had cameras). Another frustrating moment!!! I started trying to get help from a staffmember that was standing beside the idiotic one. He looked a little more sympathetic as I started to cry and begged him to explain to the other guy what it meant to us and that we HAD to take pictures of this moment. He looked like he was unable to help tho he wanted to. Just then,YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS, I looked up to see none other than THE MANAGER OF NO DOUBT walking over with his hands full of our gifts to the band! HE ROCKS!!!!! “What’s the problem here?!” he asked, and I explained that the staff was trying to get us to leave saying we couldn’t have cameras! He looked at the staffmember and said, “Yes they can I said they could!” (IN YOUR FACE I was thinking) “That’s all we needed to hear” the staff guy mumbled. And I said, “That’s what I just told you!” In the background we could see a guy that we had seen earlier in the alley around the buses who was wearing a kilt was getting the fans excited that they were about to meet ND and causing commotion. The STUPID staff member was trying to make up with the manager and asked if he wanted him to “take care of them”, referring to the guy in the kilt. (because he was making the crowd not as calm and emotionless as the staff wanted us) The manager replied happily “Yes!! Take care of them”. The stupid staff guy turned around and started walking towards the guy in the kilt and the manager said “NO! Not him, I don’t care about that. Take care of these guys.. the fans”. We were in shock of how nice he was and how he made sure the staff knew that the fans meant a lot to the band. We then assumed our space in line and were behind our two friends from downstairs. The sympathetic staff member came over and patted me on the back and said “It’s okay! Take a few deep breaths, it’ll be okay” referring to how I was crying earlier. He said “Sometimes we have to be the bad guys” I rolled my eyes and realized he was only trying to be nice because the manager told them to be. I had already seen his true colours. We started talking to the fans once again and then traded E-mail addressess and talked a while more about the show. We agreed that we had been SOOO into the show that we were a mess, and the band would look awesome and fresh as always. Oh well, I’m sure they understand. They are always way into the music. A few minutes later, GWEN STEFANI, emerged from backstage like a pink haired angel! I believe I actually stopped breathing then! Someone let out a scream and we all noticed that it made her a little uncomfortable and we tried to chill. She took several pics with her high school friend and her family. It was so cool to see her hanging out with her buds. While Gwen met some fans we noticed ADRIAN standing in the crowd and he was casually talking and holding a fruity looking beverage. We overheard a fan behind us asking the person she was with if she could go downstairs and get a shirt because she had nothing but a torn piece of paper for the band to sign. Again, putting myself in her situation, I was glad to help out.. because I would want someone to do the same for me if the situation was reversed. I told her that I had several pictures of the band (8x10’s) in case I had gotten to meet them and began leafing through my folder. She said “Oh Wow! You’re so prepared! Thank you so much!” I chose the best band photo I had which was from a recent photo shoot and gave it to her. Soon after that, we were separated into two lines and “sympathetic man” pointed 2 fingers and motioned for myself and my sister to come up front closer to where Adrian was standing. After he was finished with a few autographs with the fans in front of us, I said “ADRIAN..” and he smiled and came a little closer to see what we were holding. “I saw this!!!” he said as he took a drink, pointing to my picture. I suddenly thought that he must have seen it backstage before coming to the private balcony to watch the Suicide Machine’s set. I told him “We had to go through soooo much to get to meet you guys!” He smiled knowingly and said “Oh reeally?” We scrambled to get the poster unrolled for him to sign it and he laughed and suggested that maybe if “you hold this side.. and you hold this side..” We all laughed and tried it again with success. He took my sharpie marker that I had decorated with homemade No Doubt stickers and signed it by his photo. “A Young” I could have died. I had always imagined meeting the band but never thought it would actually happen. And just to think, earlier that night in the height of frustration and stress, I had said “We’re NOT going to meet No Doubt” with tears flowing. We were so excited and a little worried we’d hold him up. We didn’t want to take up too much time because we wanted all of the other fans to get the same opportunity we had, that we forgot we had three more pics with us that we had to get signed. After he signed the poster I asked him for a hug and he gladly agreed. As I gave him a huge hug, I kissed him on the cheek and congratulated him on his recent marriage. His faced beamed with a huge smile as he said “Thanks!!” We then asked for a picture and a fan graciously snapped a shot of the three of us. Adrian then moved on talking to other fans and we saw Tony to our right. He was talking with a fan and her family. He was signing the “milk” poster and noted how he loved that poster. After the signing he bent down for a photo, as the girl was in a wheelchair. It seemed like the whole family was fans and were all very excited. We then edged over with our bundle of gifts and began talking to him. I unrolled my poster once again (this time with a little less trouble) and he immediately said “WHERE’D YOU GET THIS?!?” and seemed really excited. I told him that it was part of the HUGE Just a Girl promotional poster that I had. The original one from its first release with the portrait type of photo where Gwen had her Don’t Speak dress on, all the guys had close cut hair, and Tom had a mohawk. It’s my favourite picture and I had to make sure I had it signed. I think it represents the band the best. He said how much he liked that picture and signed it “To Teresa! Tony K..” as he made sure to get the correct spelling. He was VERY polite and friendly!! After I thanked him he said “It’s my pleasure!” and then he signed my sister’s photo of the band. While we were standing there with him, I remembered the very first time we saw No Doubt live. Gwen had been having some trouble with a guy in the front row. He had been spitting at her and saying rude things throughout the show and she decided she’d had enough. She told him that if he spit on her one more time that she was leaving. He continued to heckle her and she left the stage. Immediately, without thinking, Tony jumped off the stage with bass still in hand to defend her honor. We didn’t have close seats for that show so we don’t know exactly what happened next but ever since that moment we’ve had a high amount of respect for Tony. Again, we were fortunate enough to get a hug and a photo!! We were now next in line to meet Gwen! We watched as she met a few younger fans. They were very hyper explaining how they wrote about her in all of their music reports in school and Gwen smiled and said how cool that was. They continued to talk over each other and gave her a pink fuzzy armband/slapbracelet that I also had one, which I had planned on giving her but it fell apart during the show because of my constant jumping. She put it on and thanked them as they posed for a picture. Gwen looked over one of their shoulders and noticed our presents and smiled saying “Oh! Gifts!!” One of the girls said how much she liked the bright green bra that Gwen had on under her black shirt and Gwen laughed and put her hands up to her head saying “You guys are craazy! How old are you?” and they went on to say their ages which ranged 10-12. As they walked toward Adrian, we picked up our bundle of Gwen gifts and pointed towards them and said “These are for you!” Before handing her the bag of ‘Gwen goodies’ we showed her the picture for the whole band. She really liked that .. then I showed her the picture I had drawn of her from Live in the Tragic Kingdom, during Don’t Speak when she’s looking out at the audience as they’re singing along. She went to sign it but then I explained that all of it was for her and the band and she said “This is for me?? to keep?” and I was going “YES!! of course, I made them for you!” she looked at the drawing and asked if I drew it and I said “Yes, two years ago” and she said.. “Wow, Good for YOU!!” and smiled brightly. I began explaining why I chose that picture to draw and how much it meant to me. That pose seemed to capture a moment between her and the fans as she was taking it all in and was so happy that everyone was singing the song that meant so much to her. She then signed my sister’s photo, my friend Suzann’s photo that I was getting autographed for her by the band. We showed her the bag of gifts that we had which included a hotpink tank top with a light pink piece underneath. On the front I had applied a picture of Gwen with her doggie, Megan. She held it up and smiled widely yelling, “MEGS!”, and showed it to a nearby fan. I was so pumped because I know how much my doggie means to me. She continued to look through the bag saying, “I’m so spoiled”, smiling, and laughing. The other gifts included a bouquet of hot pink flowers wrapped in bright shiny paper. Also, there was a stuffed purple soft bear with a satin purple bow, on which I had applied some small colorful flowers. I had also wrapped 2 gifts, a flowered journal with stickers of Gwen and Gavin, and a Saturn plug-in light of sparkling blue with a sparkling green ring. I had written above it, “THE BEST BAND THIS SIDE OF SATURN”. Also, there were 2 letters I had written, explaining how No Doubt had made such an impact on my life. The letters were filled with THANKS confetti of shiny purple, pink, and blue. In one card I placed a picture of my doggie wearing a No Doubt beanie. :) Gwen asked if she should open the gifts now and my sister said, “Oh, would you?” and she said I guess I’ll wait til I’m on the bus, “I’d be so embarassed.”, looking at the crowd behind us. Knowing she had a lot of fans still to meet we thanked her again. She really seem to like the photos we brought for signing saying she remembered the photo shoots and pointed at one laughing, and saying “look at Tony” and smiled really big. When she looked in the bag of gifts earlier she really liked the pink sparkle gel bracelets saying, “Oh, these are cute” and PUT THEM ON!!! She was so nice and you could tell all of the band really enjoys talking to the fans and are hoping they will like the next album they’ve worked so hard on. As we turned to go we spotted Tom beside some fans. We had not noticed him til them and couldn’t believe we were meeting them all. We approached him and he was so relaxed drinking that same red drink. He was wearing a baseball cap and when we showed him our pictures, he said, “My that’s a big forephoto” laughing as if to refer to his forehead. He signed our pictures and when he signed the poster he said, laughing, “I think I’ll sign here.” He wrote his name over Adrian’s face. “Whoops, I’ve ruined it” he laughed. They must be like brothers. He was very down to earth and when he let us hug him and we thanked him, he seemed to have a tone in his voice when saying, “thank you”, that seemed he didn’t realize why we would be soooo excited to be meeting him. As we went to leave we saw Adrian again talking casually with some fans that seemed to be like old friends. They were all so great and easy to talk to. You can tell they are very close and unlike some bands in the business who do not get along even half that well. We stood by the railing a bit longer unable to believe we were that close to these great performers then headed down the stairs for the exit. The table that had been set up to sign for protecting the landscapes and trees was gone. Tom had seemed especially supportive of this environmental effort. The crew continued to load the trucks and we were told not to walk on the ramp (to the equip. truck). Down the side of the steps we walked, as the whole thing seemed like a dream. We saw a group of fans waiting by the bus on our way to the car. We already started thinking back on the whole experience and wishing it would never end. We headed for home with No Doubt playing loudly in the car, having fulfilled a lifelong dream. :)

June 11, 2000
Blockbuster Pavillion, Charlotte NC

Black Eyed Peas

Sunday Morning
Different People
Magic's in the Makeup
Happy Now
Just a Girl
Suspension Without Suspense
Staring Problem
Marry Me
*Sailin' On
Don't Speak
Excuse Me Mr.
Simple Kind Of Life

The drive from my house in Virginia to Charlotte, NC was about 5 hours and we had never been to this venue before so it took a little longer finding it. We stopped to eat and then got to the venue at around 7:10. The show started at 7:30. I took a bag with me because I'm always extremely prepared when I go to a show. I had my gifts and letter/card for the band and pens, pictures/magazines to sign and cameras. I was kinda scared they wouldn't let me take anything in because most venues don't allow anything at all to be brought in but the woman at the gate was really nice and just asked to check it and let us in. Then I went to the "Will Call" booth to pick up my backstage passes and showed them my ID and all that good stuff but the girl said that there was a problem and we weren't on the guestlist. I knew we were supposed to be and showed her a few other things to prove that I was to be given a backstage pass and she checked with the manager and we finally got our 3 passes. They were really nice about it and that's cool because I probably looked like a big guppy standing there with my eyes really huge going "What??? I have to be on the guestlist.." it's pretty funny now because I was so scared I wasn't going to get back there. Now, we went and checked out the shirts since Black Eyed Peas were on and I'm not a huge fan of their music. I was immediately yelling "I'm getting that poster!!!!!!" because I had never seen it before and it rocks. It's the new one with the yellow background and the band's all wearing red. So I got that, a white shirt with the same picture on the front as the poster with tourdates on the back, and a sticker pack because there was 1 new sticker I didn't have in there. (btw I had the car completely decorated with No Doubt stickers, magnets, postcards, etc. :)

So then we got something to drink because it was really hot and it had been a long stressful drive and finding the place. 3 drinks were $13. Gotta love concert prices. So then we go and find our seats and for some reason I was thinking we were going to be on Tom's side because that's how I remembered it on the map online but we ended up being right in front of Tony, like 10 seats back from the stage and I was really happy about that!! Black Eyed Peas were still on and we heard only about 1 or their songs. They seemed really into their set and did a good job, I just wasn't into that type of music. We watched them setup for Lit and drop the big banner in the back and then at around 8:15 they came out. They were awesome!! They really got the crowd going and everyone was jumping around and singing along to their songs. There didn't seem to be anyone on the lawn at that time and not all of the seats were filled so A.Jay told everyone in the back to come to the front and party with them. A lot of people moved closer but the security made them go back to their seats. I took a few pictures of them because A.Jay was right in front of me but they didn't turn out because of the stage lights I guess. They played their big hits and the new song "Over My Head". The crowd really loved them and they mentioned how there were a lot of backstage passes that they'd like to give out after the show. He said we sounded like a pretty rowdy crowd for a Sunday night show and asked if we were all calling in sick tomorrow and that got a lot of cheers lol :) At the end of the set they thanked everyone for coming and threw out a lot of guitar picks but I unfortunately didn't catch one.

After their set we waited and watched them set up for NO DOUBT! I was extremely excited. Smoke began to fill the stage and the crowd cheered because we knew the band would be out any minute. The set looked awesome and had glittery white/silver cloth under the drums and a huge Saturn overtop of the center of the stage that flashed all different colours and the rings would change colours. Behind Adrian there were different spacey types of pics that would flash and that lighting was awesome. Finally at around 9:30 the lights went out and everyone jumped up and started screaming!!!! Music played that sounded like from 2001: A Space Odyssey and at different climaxes of the song each of the band members would appear with a spotlight. I remember watching Tony because he was right in front of me and he was standing there looking extremely cool with his bass and was posing and then Gwen finally came running on the stage and the crowd went wild!!!! Gwen had on a pink half top with black pants that had a skirt type of thing overtop and that had a pink glittery X on it. She came out wearing a really pretty cape that had a picture of the Virgin Mary on the back. She also had on her X necklace like from the Ex-Girlfriend Video. I wasn't THAT close to see it but we did have binoculars anyway so we could see all of ND's faces really clear. There was a cute little stuffed monkey hanging from one of the speakers too. Adrian came out in this insanely crazy outfit that reminded me of Marilyn Manson's outfit but a little more detailed. lol It was like, a full body suit that looked like a naked woman. It was very odd and I was dying laughing when I saw it. He seemed pretty happy wearing it and kept turning around and pulling the back open and showing his butt. He's crazy. I'll go through each of the songs and mention what I remember happening to make it easier to read.

Ex-Girlfriend was the opening song and I think that was the perfect show opener. Gwen's voice sounded awesome that night and she was so full of energy. Everyone seemed to know all of the words to the new songs and Ex-Girlfriend sounds so awesome live.

Sunday Morning was next and I was freaking out because that's one of my fave ND songs and I think it's their best live. The crowd was singing along the whole time and Gwen had everyone doing the "Woah" parts. This was really cool too because it was a Sunday show.. I was jumping around so much already at this point and singing. I was trying to snap a few pictures when I could hold still for more than 2 seconds and only about 10 of them came out from a one time use kodak 27 pic camera. Those things make the stage look so far away but it looked a lot closer in person.

Bathwater was third on the setlist and this was one of those crowd favourites. It was so cool, the bass and drums on this song were so loud and everyone had their fists in the air it was funny. This song rocked, Gwen did an amazing job on the vocals. I noticed that on a lot of the new songs Gwen would sing them a little differently especially Bathwater, she'd sing them with the same lyrics but just take different pauses and it sounded awesome both ways. Everyone was still cheering when Gwen led into ..

Different People!!! This is one of my FAVE songs that they perform live. It's the one with the most energy and crowd interaction. I LOVE it. During this song I was jumping up and down like crazy and Gwen came over to my side and there wasn't really anyone directly in front of me, there were a few empty seats in that row and I was jumping around and throwing my arms everywhere lol and Gwen looked at me and smiled and said "Hello!!!" in this really cute voice I was like "YAY Gwen acknowledged me!!" lol I was soo happy! She was probably thinking, "I better say Hi to this girl so she'll know that I see her and stop jumping around like a maniac" haha :) Several times throughout the show Gwen mentioned being down in the south and asked us if we liked living here. She asked the same thing when they came to the last show in Virginia Beach on June 17, 1997. I know ND loves Virginia and I think they like touring in the south. She got the crowd jumping up and down like crazy and that's my favourite part of all the No Doubt shows, when everyone's jumping together, it's just an incredible rush of energy and excitement. You can feel it in the air. After finishing up that Tragic Kingdom favourite the band led us into one of Return of Saturn's best...

Magic's in the Makeup! This one, I remember thinking how much the audience seemed to love it. It made me so happy, everyone knew the words and it seemed like Gwen was really glad that it was getting such a positive reaction. It sounded great and got a LOT of cheers!

Gwen then asked is if we were Happy Now!!! and of course that errupted into loud screams. This is one of ND's best songs live and I was really happy they played it at this show. It's a great one to sing to and I think during this song was a point when I felt like I was going to pass out because it was so hot and I was jumping the entire time. Like, jumping as high as I could and just using 110% of my energy. It was funny, I was like, ::JUMPS in the Air:: "Are you Haaaappppp *gasps for air* ppppyyyee??" lol!! I love Gwen's attitude on that song, she's a great actress :) After that song finished came the guitar solo we all love to hear from Tom which kicks off ..

Just a Girl!!!! The screams that started when he played the opening chords were ear shattering. I actually couldn't hear out of my left ear after the show. The crowd was LOUD!! Gwen was incredible on this song. During Tom's guitar solo Gwen put her hair up into a ponytail and then ran around the stage getting the crowd ready for the song. She did the whole "I'm just a girl in Charlotte!!" thing and all the girls were singing along! That's the one I think I get the most into, it's just like you can get out all of your frustrations out because you can sing those lyrics at the top of your lungs with thousands of other girls and Gwen Stefani and they all know what it's like to be you. She didn't do the whole sing-a-long thing like she used to do on the TK tour but not to worry, we got our chance to sing with her later on in the set.

Suspension Without Suspense was the next song they performed and I wasn't really expecting that one to be played but it was so beautiful. I always thought of "Too Late" to be the bigger ballad/single type of song but this song sounded so amazing live. They brought the entire band in close sort of like the "Hey You" type of thing from the Tragic Kingdom tour and the smoke effect filled the stage once again as it had at the beginning of the show and the band looked better than ever. I love this song anyway but when I heard it live I just pictured this being a "Don't Speak" all over again. It was so beautiful and I'm glad they played it! So, to get a closer look, just to see Gwen's face upclose and the emotions in her eyes and the guys, we had our little binoculars out and the funniest thing was that Gwen came to our side and before we knew she was leading into....

Staring Problem, she said "What are you lookin' at?!?!" like RIGHT into the binoculars, it was absolutely hilarious! Then she started running around to other sides of the stage asking them the same thing and started singing Staring Problem. This song is a lot better live than the cd version in my opinion and it's fun to sing along to. She continued doing those crazy vocals in this song. She must have been in a great mood because she was hiting tons of really high notes that night. At the conclusion of that song, someone brought out Gwen's pink fluffy boa. I'm not sure who it was but I know Donnie did it at the last show. She put it on and then the music began for one of Return of Saturn's signature songs....

Marry Me! This is one of my faves too and Gwen performs it so well. She puts all of her emotions into it and it's one of them that you know she truly means everything she's saying. It's not like any other band when the lead singer isn't into their lyrics and isn't connecting to what she or he is singing. These lyrics ARE Gwen. The crowd absolutely loved this and sang along to every word. At the end of that song Gwen came up close to the audience and started talking about the band's website and I was screaming my head off because I adore their site and I'm such an aol freak lol. I had been to the site everyday up until the show to vote. I truly wanted to hear Trapped in a Box because that song RULES and it's "my song". She asked us if anyone voted and there were quite a few of us hardcore internet addicts/ND fans screaming and jumping around. She smiled really big and asked if we wanted to know which song won. She said that it was a Bad Brains song and I started screaming because I knew it was...

Sailin' On!! The began playing it and it was super fast!! It was different than the live versions that I've heard before, VERY fast, it seemed to fly by and I was kinda too caught up in the screaming, jumping around excitement to catch all the lyrics even though I know them completely. That's a great song but I think it's also really hard on Gwen's voice. She was doing some crazy shrieking and they added a little echo to her voice like they usually do when they play that song live. Before I knew, the song was finished and after a huge round of applause Gwen thanked everyone and said "Good Choice!!" and walked to the shadows of the stage to get some water and towel off as she prepared to sing my favourite No Doubt song!!!!!!!

NEW was next and before the band started the song she asked that if anyone knew the lyrics to please sing along. This is probably my all time fave ND song even though I love so many like my #1. This one just describes the feeling I have when I meet the band and am at a show. I love the sound (the original from the Go soundtrack is my fave, not the ROS version) the lyrics are so cool and the video is sooo cool. I love Gwen's style in that video. Everyone of course, knew the words and sang along loudly with Gwen. It rocked, it was one of my fave moments of the night. Gwen said that it was the 5th show on the tour and the best one so far with the best crowd and that made us all really happy! No Doubt seemed to be having a great time and you could really tell they were so happy to be back and really proud of the new material. After the two previous more upbeat songs, the band let us fans who had been jumping around like maniacs for hours have a little rest as the lights dimmed, Gwen took center stage once again stepping into the spotlight and Tom kicked off another solo that errupted into cheers....

Don't Speak. As many times as Gwen's sang this song, it hasn't lost the true meaning and emotion behind it. She still gives it 110% of herself making it one of the best songs that any band has ever performed. It gives me chills when the crowd's singing along with Gwen and all the guys in the band are looking out at the crowd smiling and Gwen just has this face like she's in awe that everyone's singing these words that are so personally to her and are so much of who she is today. I had my lighter out that was completely decorated with No Doubt stickers ;) I think it brought back a lot of memories for the band when they were playing that song again and it has to be amazing to see how far they've come and looking back on the whole Tragic Kingdom journey up until this huge Return of Saturn summer tour. At the end everyone cheered for a long time as the band left the stage. It was a perfect last song before the encore!

As the stage lights were dimmed and the Saturn lights were flashing above, everyone began clapping in sync and chanting for the band to come back out. After a few short minutes Tom, Tony and the rest of the band took the stage again and the crowd was on their feet again jumping around for the high energy Excuse Me Mr.!! I absolutely LOVE to sing this one at concerts. Gwen puts so much energy out there running around the stage. Like I said before, we didn't do the sing-a-long to Just a Girl but we did get our chance now!! On the way to the show I had been listening to my live "Don't Speak" boot cd and on that cd there's a cool version of Excuse Me Mr. from Washington state back when ND was touring with Bush and Gwen used to ask the crowd "Do you even know who we are???". Well, she would have the crowd sing along to this song and I had always wanted to be at one of the shows where she did that and I doubted they'd do it at any of the new shows because they haven't in a while. Gwen asked all of the girls if they wanted to sing and of course we agreed enthusiastically. She told us to sing really loud with our high pitched voices and we did. We sang one round of.. "Excuuuuse Me. Excuse Me Mr."'s and then she stopped and told us to sing louder because the boys were going next and they were going to beat us if we didn't get any louder. So we did it again and she was happier with that round :) She then mentioned how cute all the fans in the crowd were, how sweet all the girls looked and all the cute boys. She asked all the guys to sing with her and made sure that she knew.. the guys are always last... and she laughed and smiled as the girls cheered. She made this really deep hilarious guy voice that sounded kinda like a frog voice lol and sang "Excuuuuse me.." and the guys sang along. She was laughing and so was everyone else, her voice was just so funny that deep. She said something about how the guys sounded like a football team. It was hilarious, she was really funny and cute the whole night when she was talking to the crowd.

At one point in the show, I can't remember in between which song but she was talking to the crowd and she looked down at one guy in the front row and said "Ew, that's gross, don't do that!" and she was telling the crowd how there was a guy in the front row grossing her out and she was doing this girly voice. I was laughing. Gotta love Gwen. And then later on when she layed down on the stage she got up and said that a girl in the front row had pulled her hair and she was holding her head going "Oww.. *laughing* why'd you do that??" and people were like booing the girl and this guy who Gwen said "I can't get back down there, that guy's trying to grope me" and that made the crowd mad but Gwen was laughing and having a cool time.

I can't remember if it was after the crowd/Gwen sing-a-long to Excuse Me Mr. but at one point Gwen asked the crowd if we had bought their new album and EVERYONE screamed and she said "Thanks.. for that!!" :) And also, in between songs.. Someone threw a white t-shirt up on the stage and Gwen picked it up and looked at it and it had "I love Tony" written on it and she put it on and then the crowd went crazy and someone threw up a hat and she put that on too. So I got a picture of her walking around wearing it. She sang one song with those on. I just can't remember which one. Oh yeah, and Gwen did a cartwheel across the stage at one point also :)

No Doubt then started playing my other FAVE No Doubt song ..Simple Kind Of Life!!!!!!!!!!! I think I was the loudest person in the pavillion because this song means so much to me and I am so thankful to Gwen for being so open and honest with the fans in hers and ND's music. Not that many people scream and jump around for slow songs lol but I definitely was because I was so excited to hear this one live again. When I heard it before on April 5th I didn't know the words or have it memorized down to last detail and at that time there wasn't a highly personal and beautiful video out yet. I was so happy that they sang this an an encore song!!!! Everyone knew the words and was singing along.

Finally, but sadly enough, it was time for the last song of the night.. Spiderwebs!!!! Amazing as always, the whole band was really into this one and the crowd was singing and dancing throughout the tune. I was so happy, the show was THE BEST. At the end of the song Stephen, Gabe, and Gwen were running around the stage chasing each other, it was funny. They're a crazy band. I love them!!! Then Tony took off his bass and jumped down in the front and shook hands with a lot of fans as did Gwen. The entire band came to the front and gathered to take a bow. It was so awesome seeing my favourite band again live, they're finally back and better than ever!!!!!! Adrian was on the far left beside Gwen and as they were trying to bow Adrian kept turning around and pulling off his weird little naked woman outfit and letting the fans hit him on the butt. I thought that was insanely crazy and Gwen was making this face like.. O..kay!? can we just bow politely now? lol it was funny. We cheered for a long time after that and the band left the stage.

After that we pulled out or backstage pass stickers and stuck them on. We headed to the restrooms to try and freshen up as much as possible and check out ourselves in the mirror and that's when I realized, maybe I shouldn't have been jumping around so much cuz I looked horrible and was about to have my pic made with the band. haha I think they understood. We met back up and went to the stage and asked which way we were supposed to go to get backstage and went all the way around one side and then found out that the guy had told us wrong and had to go back to the other side. No one had a clue what was going on back there. Oh yeah, as I was walking I was watching the crew clean up and there was tons of confetti on the floor that had been dropped earlier tho I forget at the moment which song that happened during. We went to where we saw a large crowd standing in front of these tall wooden gates. There were a few venue guards there and we made our way into the crowd. We didn't see anyone wearing backstage passes and we went to the front of the crowd and they notified everyone that we had to wait there until the band showered and prepared for the meet 'n greet. We all talked for a while and some people were trying to kiss up to the guards but I knew they have no power whatsoever getting people back stage. We waited for about 40 minutes and then people started getting out their passes and then I heard that someone had fake passes and they were checking really strict but right before the gates opened, there were people saying "Who doesn't have a pass??" and they were just handing them out. That really made me mad because just people walking by got one and we went through a LOT of trouble to get my passes. After that we pulled out or backstage pass stickers and stuck them on. We headed to the restrooms to try and freshen up as much as possible and check out ourselves in the mirror and that's when I realized, maybe I shouldn't have been jumping around so much cuz I looked horrible and was about to have my pic made with the band. haha I think they understood. We met back up and went to the stage and asked which way we were supposed to go to get backstage and went all the way around one side and then found out that the guy had told us wrong and had to go back to the other side. No one had a clue what was going on back there. Oh yeah, as I was walking I was watching the crew clean up and there was tons of confetti on the floor that had been dropped earlier tho I forget at the moment which song that happened during. We went to where we saw a large crowd standing in front of these tall wooden gates. There were a few venue guards there and we made our way into the crowd. We didn't see anyone wearing backstage passes and we went to the front of the crowd and they notified everyone that we had to wait there until the band showered and prepared for the meet 'n greet. We all talked for a while and some people were trying to kiss up to the guards but I knew they have no power whatsoever getting people back stage. We waited for about 40 minutes and then people started getting out their passes and then I heard that someone had fake passes and they were checking really strict but right before the gates opened, there were people saying "Who doesn't have a pass??" and they were just handing them out. That really made me mad because just people walking by got one and we went through a LOT of trouble to get my passes.

They finally opened the gates and checked to see if we had our pass on and let us in this fenced in grassy area where the tourbuses were parked closeby. There were a few picnic tables and umbrellas set up outside of the backstage area. The backstage room had the curtains drawn behind sliding glass doors. We all just stood around and hung out for about 30 minutes I guess. I talked to a few people from Atlanta and this girl who had dyed her hair pink for the show, I told her how much I liked it. Her and her friend seemed like the only true fans out there. Finally Stephen came out but........ I didn't truly meet him because he walked straight over to this table with some girls that.... I'm not really going to comment on because let's just say that they were your typical groupies. Stephen had some beers and took them over and he was with some other guy who I later saw kissing one of the groupies. I didn't think that was too cool. I didn't see Gabe anywhere backstage. I didn't feel right going up to Stephen tho and asking for an autograph so I just let that alone.

We waited around and saw Tom come out with some guards and he immediately got mobbed! We saw how many people were surrounding him and decided to wait just a little while before going over. While we were waiting, a few "fans" were saying "I don't see who all of you are looking at.. who's over there??" Yeah, really true fans, don't even know who TOM is!! Ugh. Anyway, so while we were waiting I saw Tony come out from backstage from the sliding glass doors. Tom snuck out from.. I dunno where, he just appeared lol :) So I am like pulling on Rena going TONY!! It's Tony!! and I walked up to him and he was coming our way with a few guards and he had a drink in his hand. I was like *HUGE SMILE* TONY!! and I handed him this card that had a letter (and some bracelets for Gwen) inside it. And I was like "this is for you and the band" and I looked down and was showing him this photo album that I had that matched this journal that I gave Gwen last time I met her and I stuck this glittery pink pen that had this fuzzy fake feathered top in there and I had the pictures from when we met each band member from the show at the 9:30 Club on April 5th and I looked back up as I was telling Tony that those were for him and the band and it kinda scared me because I looked up and I didn't expect him to really be paying that much attention. He was like looking right at me and like really interested and he was like "Oh, Are you serious??? Thank you!!!!" and Iwas like... Wow he likes this stuff.. he appreciates it!! He was SOOOOOOO Sweet. He's my favourite person in the world right now :) Well, I gave him a hug and asked him to sign my promotional foam board and he gladly did and when I asked him to sign it with this silver pen I had he was really cool about it and smiled and said "Oohh!! a special pen huh?" and I was like Yeah and laughed :) Then I got Rena to take a picture with me and him and right before she was talking it I was telling him that my sister was supposed to be at that show but she couldn't come because she was so sick and he was saying "Aww" and how sorry he was and everything but then we had to stop talking to smile for the picture ;o) And then Bobby and Rena had their things signed and a picture taken with all of us. Tony was so amazing. He's the most professional, polite person I've ever met!!! It probably sounded like I was just saying it but I was telling him "You're SO sweet!" He is!

So, then we go over top Tom and he's getting ready to leave because he was finishing up signing autographs and said something about having to make a phone call but we stopped by to say hi before he went back in. My brother had his picture signed that I gave him. I had like a million 8x10's and I gave him this really colourful one that's the same picture as from the YM magazine with Gwen on the cover where she's wearing the yellow shirt with "7" on it and they're all lying in these huge colourful beanbags. So as Tom was signing it he goes "This looks like the 17 magazine photoshoot". I've noticed that both times I met him, he seems to be really interested in remembering the photoshoot and telling us stuff about it :) I think that's really cool. So then, I'm asking for his autograph and telling him about how we met them at the 9:30 Club and he was really interested in that. He was like "The 9:30 Club!?" and looked at me right in the eyes and smiled and said "Yeah, Yeah!.. I remember!!!" I was like Woah Tom remembers me!!!!! :) and I told him that I gave the pictures to Tony and that he could see them later and he was like "Cool Thanks!!" I was so happy then!! So, then I asked for a picture and he said Sure!! and I was giving him like this huge hug from the side the whole time and we all got in the picture and this guy said he'd take it for us but the light behind us would have messed it up or been a huge glare so the guy was so nice to have noticed that and asked us to move around the other way and we were all holding on to each other and turn around. It was funny, I wouldn't let go of Tom for anything!! So we got the picture and I gave Tom a huge hug and we moved on.

We then saw Adrian hanging out with some fans and my brother and me went over to him and there were these girls saying how they loved his outfit that he wore on stage, and he laughed and said Thanks! So, my brother asked for an autograph and asked for him to sign it with the pen that Tony and Tom had because it was blue and it would have looked weird in black. Adrian was about to sign in black as my brother asked and then he had this mean look on his face and took the pen from the very end and purposely like scribbled two letters. That made me mad because.. like anyone being mean or rude to my family member, no matter who you are.. you're no longer cool with me. And I asked him to sign my promo board and handed him the silver pen and he was like "Ugh.. You guys are picky!!" and signed it and then we got a picture. I don't know, he just seemed like he didn't want to be there and maybe he just needed a drink or something. He was a lot nicer last time. But I mean he still rules, he just seemed like we were bothering him or something and then it made me think back to when I met them in DC and he wasn't extremely nice then, he was kinda impatient like he wanted to hurry up and get it overwith. I don't know, maybe it’s just the way he is and Tony, Tom, and Gwen like meeting fans more or something. I love Adrian!!!! Don't think otherwise, I'm just being honest and giving a true review of what happened those times I met him. So then we're just hanging around and we notice the guitar player from Lit and my brother and me go over and talk to him and got a picture. He was really cool and nice to come out and hang out with the fans!!

We walked back over to where the doors were that led to the backstage entrance and noticed that the guards were letting certain people in, and the crowd outside was smaller. The whole table where Stephen was, was now empty and I guess they all got inside. So I notice Tom sitting there talking with some fans and I see A.Jay from Lit back there. The guards told us that Gwen wasn't coming out because her voice was sore or she wasn't allowed to talk or meet fans that night. At first I didn't believe it because most guards make up any story to make the fans leave but we had backstage passes and never actually got backstage and that's kind of irritating. Like what kind of pass do I need to actually GET backstage???

I see Tony hanging around outside still and he was SO cool. People were like "he's probably going back there.. can you get us inside???" and he was like "I'm not going in there.. I'm staying out here!!" and he hung out with the fans more and I got a few pics of him and some fans. He was kinda near me and there was this girl who looked a little out of it and he was so nice and went over to check on her and he put his arm on her arm and was like "Are you going to be okay?" she was really drunk. So, he's right there just standing right in front of me.. Tony Kanal!! And I had my promo board signed already and I was holding it and my Nylon magazine to have Gwen sign but since she wasn't coming I was like.. Maybe Tony wouldn't mind if I asked for another autograph because I'm always thinking in the back of my mind that I'll be taking too much of their time or getting on their nerves or something so I only ask to get one thing signed. Anyway, I asked Tony if he minded signing another autograph and he was really nice and said he would be happy to and as I was getting out my magazine I was asking him if he knew a friend of mine and I told him that when we got there to pick them up the passes, they told us we weren't on the guestlist.. but worked it out so we got them anyway and he was like "Ooohhhh.... " and apologized for it and then asked "Who should I make this out to?" and smiled and I told him and he signed it. He was so nice!!!!!! I can't stress that enough :)

After that, there was this weird guy kinda following Tony around and kept yelling his name and bugging him and these girls were like begging to get in the backstage room and he kinda felt weird and went back inside and sent some guy out to talk to the fans who couldn't come in. So basically everyone either went home or got in the room besides about 10 of us which wasn't fair at all but.. we hung around a little longer and this guy just kept telling us to leave and how Gwen wasn't coming out and all this stuff about how he hates to be rude but we have to leave. So, then we just talk to a few more fans and head back to the completely empty parking lot. When we're getting in the car, kinda disappointed because Gwen didn't come out, we saw this girl that I had seen earlier when I went to pick up my passes and she got hers with no problem. We asked her if she ever saw Gwen backstage and she said that she had come specifically to chat with Tom, I guess she was a friend of his, and said that she didn’t really hang out with any of the other members but that Gwen never came to the backstage room either. So that was the end of that concert experience. We then headed back home, with a 5 hour drive ahead of us and we listened to Tragic Kingdom over and over the whole way. It was a load of fun and even though we didn’t meet Gwen it was an AMAZING experience. Tony was the COOLEST, friendliest, most polite, gorgeous, sweetest person I had ever met. (for the second time) and Tom was SO nice and I was thrilled that he remembered us. I thank all of NO DOUBT so much for this show, it was an amazing performance!!!! And I thank them for taking time out to meet the fans!! **If anyone out there has a copy of this show, and newspaper articles, pictures, flyers, etc. PLEASE contact me ASAP!!!!** The entire concert ruled and I hope I get to do it all over again very soon!!!! NxD ROCKS!!!!!!