Currently, my collection is fairly small. However, I am willing to make copies of and trade anything I have. If you would like a complete list of what I have, contact me by: email, AOL IM (Gwen100369), or ICQ (Lenina- #43688690). My rules are as follows:

  1. No high-speed dubbing.

  2. Maxell II 90-minute tapes or CDR.

  3. Even trades: 1 audio for 1 audio, 1 video for 1 video or:

  4. 2 audios for 1 video.

  5. If you're a novice, I will trade you an audio for 2 blanks.

  6. I will send within 1 week, I expect you to send as soon as possible as well.

I would like to compile a list of potential traders. If you have a collection, and would like to be known, send me an email with your name, email address, and location (city, state/region, and country).