Feature: VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards

No Doubt has been nominated for a VH1/Vogue Fashion Award for the Music Video category for "New." Their opponents? Madonna: "Beautiful Stranger;" Red Hot Chili Peppers: "Scar Tissue;" Ricky Martin: "Livin' La Vida Loca;" and TLC: "No Scrubbs." Now, we all know that with the teeny bopper following the above bands have acquired, they have an enormous chance at winning. But what exactly do you call that leather thing that T-Boz wears? Ricky Martin isn't all that hot. Madonna, the whore look is out. And I'm really not exactly so sure how bloody bandages came to be a fashion statement. Oh well, as long as Jean Paul Gaultier is a designer, we're stuck in fashion hell. Enough ranting. Click on the picture above to vote. For some awesome pictures from the video, visit The Doghouse.

And you're consuming me violently And you're ever shamlessly tempting me Who sent this maniac 'Cause I've never had this taste in my past . . . --"New"