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They pay homage to a king whose dreams are buried in their minds, his tears are frozen stiff, icicles drip from his eyes . . . Welcome to the tragic kingdom, cornfields of popcorn have yet to spring open . . .

No Doubt is . . .


Return of Saturn: in stores now!!!

15 Dec: I added the link above to No Doubt radio. It plays No Doubt songs, and some favourites of the band.
27 Dec: Wow, it's been a long time. So not too much has happened...except that small announcement that a new album will be put out by the end of 2001. Um yeah..we'll see if that happens. Tom told MTV: "I would describe our new direction as a fusion of dancehall reggae, Euro-synthpop and victory rock, ala Europe's 'Final Countdown.'" It
will be interesting... Appearances updated and 2 new links added. I hope everyone had a great Christmas, I'll see you in the new millenium...
04 Jan: Happy new year everyone. No Doubt and the Grammy Awards in the news, and new appearances.
11 Jan: Happy Birthday Tom! Appearances updated.
25 Jan: Check out Gwen on the cover of YM.
26 Feb: I'm sorry to inform you that I will be shutting down my website. You will still be able to access the resources through the address http://gwenrenee.tripod.com, but the page will no longer be updated. Thank you to everyone who has supported this page since 1996. Rock on No Doubt.

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